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Do you want to enhance the productivity of your employee? Do you need a New Age technology which not only manages your projects and deadlines but also keep a check on employee productivity. Then, We360.ai(https://we360.ai/) is the Perfect Tool for you.

We360.ai is employee monitoring software and employee productivity software. Enhances employee efficiency, productivity, performance, and overall performance of the workplace. One can track the activity of the employees, time spend on projects, tasks assigned, applications they used while working, and the activities they’re currently doing.

One can access the reports about time duration, attendance, and productivity, and application usage. The reports are available in the form of charts and graphs that makes the whole reporting process smooth and understandable on a single webpage. You can also capture on going activity on the employee screen by using screenshot feature.

We360.ai employee monitoring software can be implemented on any operating system, whether Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Features of Employee Monitoring software:

1. Dashboard
2. Health360
3. Automated Attendance
4. Productivity
5. Activity logs, Application Usage
6. Screenshots
7. Report
8. Real Time Analytics
9. Domain Blocking
10. Admin Mobile Application
11. Project & Task Management


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